Thursday, December 11, 2014

WMS Students take Weekly Food Fact Quiz

This week, instead of finding a new Food Insecurity Fact on their lunch tables, students found a "Food Fact Quiz"!  The quiz was comprised of the weekly facts from the previous 5 weeks.  
Mrs. Selmont & Mrs. Overchuk will be scoring the quizzes and ALL students who receive a perfect score will have their names announced on the Morning News next week and two tickets will be entered into the monthly raffle on their behalf ! 

Take this QUIZ and find out!!

1.  True or False
   In 2013, 10.5 million households in America were affected by food insecurity

2.  True or False
Children who experience food insecurity are not at a higher risk for behavioral issues and social difficulties than other children.

3.  True or False

 In 2014, 25% of households served by the Connecticut Food Bank’s network of food pantries,   soup kitchens and shelters  report having to choose between buying food or buying medicine.

4.  True or False

Food insecurity is harmful to all people, but it is particularly devastating to children.

5.  Choose the correct answer to fill in the blanks  (Write 1, 2 or 3 on the line)
Every Year in the United States (a) ______% of food is thrown out. The cost of this food is worth about        (b)__________ dollars. All of this uneaten food could easily feed about (c)________ Americans.

1.     (a) 50%    (b)    $150 million    (c) 20 million

2.    (a) 40%    (b)    $165 billion     (c) 25 million

3.    (a) 25%    (b)    $100 million    (c) 200,000

Be on the lookout for the answers on another post coming soon...

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