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Empty Bowls Dinner


Dinner will be served in unique glazed bowls that you will take home with you after the dinner. (You do not have to glaze a bowl to come to our dinner. Bowls and dinner are available to everyone.)

Date of Dinner:  January 28, 2015 
Time: 5-8 pm 
Location:  Westbook Middle School 

**  All proceeds benefit organizations working to end food insecurity in our community.


Ticket Option A:
Allows you to purchase tickets for a community bowl + dinner. It is your ticket to the dinner where you may select one of dozens of colorfully glazed bowls, and enjoy a delicious dinner.

Ticket Option B:
Allows you (for this limited time only) to reserve specific bowls - for example, bowls that were glazed by you and/or your family members during our fall glazing sessions. It is your ticket to the dinner where you will pick up your specific reserved bowl(s) and enjoy a delicious dinner.

Tickets sales will continue into January, but this is your only opportunity to reserve a specific bowl with your ticket.

Gift Option:
If you would like your pre-order ticket to be a gift for someone for the holidays, check the "gift card" box on the form. For a small fee, we will provide you with an "Empty Bowls" gift card that invites your guest to the dinner - where they may choose a bowl or pick up one of your specifically reserved bowls. The card includes information about the dinner and about the Empty Bowls Project, and it will have a blank space inside for you to add your personal comment/invitation to the recipient.
We ask that you reserve only one specific bowl per each member of your family. For those who glazed more than one bowl at our glazing session, your second bowl will be part of our community bowl collection.

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